Quick microstepping configuration question.

  • Stupid simple question, this is my code.

    M350 X16 Y16 Z16 E16 I1 ; Configure microstepping with interpolation

    I would like to configure E to 32 microstepping no interpolation, I see ( I ) means interpolation, If 1 means all how do I deselect E but keep the others on?

  • Like this:
    M350 X16 Y16 Z16 I1
    M350 E32 I0

  • Sweet, thanks.

    There is no issue running interpolation at 32X correct? This is a Cartesian and is far from computationally demanding.

    I'm getting a .9 stepper soon (direct hobbed) and will be going back to 16X, but I'm just trying to see what it does.

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    On the Duet Ethernet/WiFi, interpolation only works at x16. You can ask for interpolation at other microstepping settings, but it will be ignored.

    On the Duet Maestro, interpolation works at all microstepping settings.

  • @dc42

    Cool, thanks, so technically I can just change E on that one line of code and all is well?

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    @wyvern said in Quick microstepping configuration question.:


    Cool, thanks, so technically I can just change E on that one line of code and all is well?


  • Cool.

    The second you answered me, the mail truck just delivered my new stepper, go figure! E3D doesn't grind a flat in their shafts!?

    Thanks, I will try posting results 16X 32X 1.8 deg, and 16X .9 deg.

  • So I did the tests, need to take some pics still, but;

    1.8 16x interpolation- good results some minor banding when shining light above it- naked eye it looks great.
    1.8 32X no interpolation- OK results, fares worse than 16X, looks like a normal ramps board printed it.
    .9 16X interpolation- best results so far, only slightly better than 16X 1.8.

    I will say with the .9 stepper cranked to 1.4A (max 1.7) it gets pretty noisy on the retract/prime, but 1A exhibits skipped steps.

    currently adjusting steps/mm It seems like it extrudes just a tiny bit more when simply doubling the stepps/mm

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