PWM FAN ALWAYS ON From start up

  • I've pretty much got everything plugged in and working, the only thing that concerns me now (the last thing) is that when I power the board the LED indicating the PWM 1 fan is always on. I have checked all my wiring and thermisters are all plugged in and in working order.

    I've also checked that I dont have the M106 command in the config.g file, which I dont, what else could be causing this?

    Many Thanks

  • Hotend temp is at or higher than the set fan turn on temp, which could be caused by an incorrect thermistor setup in config.g.

    I have this in my config.g to make sure the fan1 is set correctly:
    M106 P1 T45 H1 ; set fan1 thermal, turn on when hotend get to 45C

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    Fan1 is configured as a thermostatic hot end fan by default, which is why it will turn on if you have any unusual temperature indications - see the previous reply.

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