Y homing/bed leveling/height map question

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    My printer has had a bed leveling issue from day one. I believe it may be due to the height map probing starting at the min position or the front of the bed (y axis) and the homing at the max position or the back of the bed (with the slicer). My Y axis end stop is mounted in the max position (the back). In the slicer if I move my part to print forward toward the front (the min) of the bed the part prints to the back or the max. It seems to be inverted. Could this be causing the bed leveling to be off? How would I correct this issue?

    Thank you!

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    It sounds like you have an axis flipped maybe.

    Where is the 0,0 origin located? It should be the front left.


  • Hello,

    0,0 is left rear.

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    That would mean that your Y axis drive is turning the wrong direction. You can change it in your config.g. when you do that you'll also have to change the direction of the Y homing moves in your homing files.

    That should take care of the flipped orientation and positioning of parts in your slicer.

    Whether that would help your bed leveling issue I'm not sure.

  • Hello,

    Thank you, I concur! I will make the changes accordingly..

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