Strange extrusion

  • Hi there,

    I managed to upgrade my volcano to use the Nozel X. While doing this I found a lot of issues with the hot end. Its taken time but I am back to printing. I have enabled retraction in the firmware not via sic3er. I had some problems with retraction which are now sorted, however I have an interesting issue and am stumped as to what it could be.

    The printer is printing as normal, then without warning it stops and the extruder runs for about two second solidly. As a result I get puddle points as in the picture attached. Is this a retraction problem? I don't know where to look to resolve this problem.


    As ever any advice would be well received.



  • Any move errors under M122?

  • Hi,

    Good thinking, sadly nothing is shown.



  • Moderator

    Can you post your config.g and an example of gcode file that has this problem?

    Do you have extra prime amount set in your retraction command?

  • Solved it 🙂

    Pressure advance was set in slicer as well as in the firmware, removed the slic3er entry (it was set to 1) and all is well.

    Fantastic, thanks for the reply's and suggestions.

    Have a great evening.


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