Nozzle doesn't even go close to the bed surface

  • So I'm new to all this Duet environment. All I know is Marlin and Arduino IDE and, I feel really comfortable with those, so apologies if my question/issues are noob-level stuff.

    I set up my Duet WiFi running 2.0 version of the firmware. I connected all the motors, heaters, I calibrated for my thermistors, adjusted currents, steps, speeds, accelerations, etc. I'm using a capacitive 18mm sensor as the Z-probe which has already given me some headache.
    My target is to use mesh compensation to account for the irregularities of the bed, which is as level as I can get it by hand. I followed the step-by-step guide to set the trigger height and so on. However, when I try to print something, the nozzle is way to high from the bed surface. To be more precise, I calculated a trigger height of 0.345, I entered -0.345 on the G31 line on config.g as indicated by the guide, I restarted the board and sent a G29 to measure the bed. On the Slic3r, I add a G29 S1 on the initial gCode to use the mesh saved on the system. However, by a layer height of 0.24mm, the nozzle ends up at 0.9mm from the print bed...

    If somebody could give me a hand with all this mess, I would appreciate it very much. Maybe I'm confused with new terms?

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    You need to enter the G31 trigger height as 0.345 not -0.345. In RRF a positive value means that the probe triggers with the nozzle above the bed.

  • I will try that and see what happens

  • well, for the love of me that I tried that more than once today and somehow I didn't figured it out... it seems to work now though... thanks a lot!

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    You may want to upgrade to firmware 2.02 as well.

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