Filament Detection-> Configure Pause.g for avoid clog.

  • I have a easy filament detector swicht, i configure with M591 and all works great.
    When not filament the duet pause the machine and read pause.g file
    The machine is paused until you put filament and press "Resume".
    Until here PERFECT.

    But i want than when the duet pause also the heater cool (or go to standby temp) for avoid clog filament.

    Is supposed than when the i press Resume button the duet must be heating until the "active" temp and after start to print.

    I do a lot of test add G10, M108, M2, M563 P0 D0 H-1... in pause.g file.

    But never work like expected.



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    You can use T-1 in pause.g or filament-change.g to make the tool go to standby temperature. Then in resume.g use T R1 to reselect the tool, followed by M116 if you don't have that already in the tfree file.

  • Sorry i forget say than i have two extruders with same heater.
    Multiextrusion chimera

    So T-1 can work, but how resume?

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    The same sequence should work. Command T R1 will select the tool that was active at the time of the pause.

  • Seem than work until than Read M116.
    Never finish to wait. The temperature reach but wait and wait and never start to print

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    Was the bed up to temperature?

  • Yes sure, all temperature is OK and absolutely stable
    A thing...
    M109 not is configured, i don't use M109.

    maybe for this?

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