Tevo Little Monster initial setup

  • Hi,

    Some days ago, i have changed config.g, in my Tevo Little Monster... And now, i am having issues after 2 layers, maybe 3.... I think its a geometrical problem, after change config,g, M665 changed.....

    Now i start print ok.... but in 2 layer maybe 3 layer, nozzle start scratch printed part.... i Suppose is a M665 issue, but i am not sure what are the corrects values.... i have find this in facebook TLM Duet users group.....

    Can someone that have this printer tellme the correct M665

    I have find these:

     Set delta radius, diagonal rod length, printable radius and homed height
     Ver. 1 --> M665 R157.0741 L397.19 B157.0741 H520
     Ver 2 --> M665 R150 L360 B170 H550
     Ver. 3 --> M665 R150 L398 B150 H524.871
     Ver. 4 --> M665 R157 L397.1073 B175 H525
     I have (12/02/2019) --> M665 R157 L397.1073 B175 H489.0
     First Test (12/02/2019) --> M665 R157 L365 B160 H489

  • This is mine:

    M665 R170 L397.19 B155 H525 ; Set delta radius, diagonal rod length, printable radius and homed height

    I changed the R value it was 155.

    Hope this helps 👍


  • @tef9 said in Tevo Little Monster initial setup:

    M665 R170 L397.19 B155 H525


    thanks to all help me to find the way.

    After adjust M665 in config.g, great print.... Its only a test object.



    And the measures.... very aceptable.

    Teorical measures are 30x30 mm and 20 mm between horizontal lines.

    Printed dimensions are 30.23x30.30mm and 19.67 mm between horizontal lines

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