bltouch prevent the nozzle from touching the surface

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    i have a bltouch Sensor.
    At the moment the sensor does not work properly any more. more often the detection does not work when touched.

    The problem is the nozzle hits then the glass.
    In addition, the motors do not stop pressing.

    Is it possible to change the code so that the nozzle does not touch down ?

    Besides it can always happen that the sensor fails and you're not there right now.
    It would be good if not everything depends on the sensor working.

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    I working sensor is a requirement for probing. Replace your BLTouch with a genuine V2.

  • Yes i have buy a new BLTouch.

    I think it would only be good if there was a way to prevent the print head from touching down in case of a defect.

    Whether i can not change anything from the software.

    Because the new sensor can have at some point even misfire.

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    You could install an endstop switch that could act as a backstop and have it act as a trigger for emergency stop.

    However, it's probably more useful to just reduce the motor current during homing operations in the homing macro so that even if the probe or switch fails the motor doesn't have enough force to cause damage.

    You can use M913 to reduce the current to a percentage of the default and then raise it again after the homing moves are complete.

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