Simple Switch Filament Sensor not working with M592 and M582

  • Hi,

    lately i'm trying to install SSFS.
    When i do it with M582 command, it's working during one print.
    I tried it with M592 command, but it's doing absolutely nothing.

    What's better, on DWC i can check, that E0 input is reading microswitch correctly ("no" when filament is inserted, "yes" when is absent).
    Everything was done as in thread "Inputs for Simple Switch Filament Sensor". After few hours i'm not sure what to do next.

    I will be thankful for any help.

  • Try M591 instead as that's the filament sensor gcode

  • Sorry, my bad.

    I was using M581 and M591.
    I was following this thread:
    two last posts especially

    Everything was set up as described. The only difference is that mine is not working.

  • Those threads are fairly dated but should be ok

    I set mine up like this: M591 D0 P2 C4 S1

  • administrators

    M581/M582 should not longer be used for filament sensors. Please use M915 instead.

    If you have problems getting to to work, send M915 D0 (I am assuming extruder 0). Check that the resulting output reports the filament present/not present status correctly and that the status is "enabled". Note, filament monitors are only active when printing from SD card.


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