DuetWifi stopped working

  • I have my new build with the latest DuetWifi. Everything was fine a week ago, haven't printed since. Started up the printer, worked fine. Started a print and for some reason it was way off center and the head struck the bed when moving back over. I didn't hear the stepper skip but the head stopped and the connection to wifi was lost.

    I rebooted and now nothing starts up, I tried going in through repeteir host and nothing. I also have the lcd with it and it just shows all tools now and is non responsive. I tried resetting but have not tried reflashing the board, trying to avoid a reset since I haven't backed up my config.g yet.

    Anyone have any ideas other than nuking it?

  • You can pull the SD card and check it on a PC. You can backup the files that way as well.

    If you connect the duet to just USB power does anything light up?

    Are there any scorch marks on the board?


  • No scorch marks. I plugged in via USB and checked serial and it is not showing up as Bossa or Duet. I have tried moving to another usb and can't get it to show up on Win or Mac. I have hit erase several times now, then reset and it just won't show up. SD card was good, so I backed up that. Any other thoughts?

  • I think it's dead. But it would be helpful to know how it died. Maybe @dc42 has some ideas.

  • So, couple points I have tried

    I have erased the firmware and pressed reset. (note I am not getting any blinking of LEDs)

    When I plug in the USB I get a red led on 5v and a green on 3.3v

    The diag LED and the USB LED are both red

    I tried finding the port once connected on both Mac and Windows. Neither are showing up as Bossa or Duet.

    There are no burns/scorches or capacitor issues. Board looks to be in tact.

    I have tried multiple USB cables, restarting both Windows and Mac, Samba and Bossa and cannot see the board. To see where the board is I ran ls /dev/tty.* and it just doesn't show up and usually would on USBModem...

    Does that help from a triage standpoint?

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    Is either the processor or the WiFi module getting hot? Or any other components?

  • No, not anything noticeable on any component @dc42.

  • Would something like this be covered under the warranty?

  • @dc42 Any thoughts on this?

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    Yes, that's probably covered by the warranty. We will need to examine the board to determine the cause of the failure as it's nothing obvious. Where did you buy it?

  • @dc42 Great. I purchased it from filastruder. Order #35977. What would I have to do to start the process?

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    Contact Filastruder and point them to this thread. They may want to run some tests on your board before sending you a warranty replacement.

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