Wiring scheme steppers

  • Hi,

    i ever have issues to connect steppers to Duet drivers....

    I have do a draw. Can someone check it is correct?


    0_1550384735147_Wiring Duet Steppers.jpg

  • your green and red lines are swapped

  • check the stepper mother with an ohm meter if the phases are connected black and green and red and blue need to give you a reading

  • ok.. i will check, but in this moments, is working...

  • then maybe your diagram is incorect. red = rojo, verde is green. the images and the diagram do not match

  • administrators

    There are 2 different pinouts in common use on the 6-pin connector on the stepper motor. The colours in your photos are correct for one of them. But it's best to check with a multimeter. If you don't have a multimeter, do the following test:

    • Disconnect the 4-pin motor connector from the Duet
    • Spin the motor shaft to feel that it moves easily
    • Take a short piece of wire and push it into the two pins at one end of the 4-pin motor connector (for example, red and blue in your photo) to short those two motor wires together. Then spin the motor shaft again, it should be much harder than before.
    • If instead you short the pins at the other end of the connector together (green and black in your photo), it should also be hard to spin the motor.
    • Shorting any other pair of pins together should not make it harder to spin the motor.

  • @veti and @dc42 ....

    eeee .... I already know what the error has been ... my fault. I am a colorblind, and it has been the cause of the failure.

    Thanks, corrected, working.

  • Are you aware that there are glasses now that allow you to percieve all colours?

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