Response from M572, what is the second value?

  • Hi,

    When I give the following command to query the current pressure advance:

    M572 D0

    I get the response:

    Extruder pressure advance: 0.020, 0.000

    When my pressure advance is set to 0.02. What is the second value? 0.000

    I use RRF 2.02(RTOS) (2018-12-24b1)

  • Moderator

    There are 2 extruder drivers.

  • That looks slightly amiss to me. As @Phaedrux stated, what you are seeing is the pressure advance coefficient for both drives, even though specified "DO". I just checked on my machine in 3 extruder configuration and in response to M572 D0, I get "Extruder pressure advance: 0.400, 0.400, 0.400" and I get the same response regardless of whether I use simply M572 or M572 Dn (where n can be 0 to 2) so it seems that M572 on it's own reports the pressure advance for all drives and ignores the "D" parameter.

    Edit - it's just how pressure advance is reported. You can still change the setting for any individual drive and it will work. In the example above, I entered M572 D0 S0.5. Then entering simply M572 reports back 0.500, 0.400, 0.400. So everything works as it should.

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