• I installed a Duet3dFilamentMonitor_LaserVersion. Flashing green so seems to communicate. However, the documentation is rather unclear on how the results are actually used or could be accessed? Is there anything else to setup to see the sensor in the web interphase? Is it working as filament runout sensor and would allow me to change filament and continue printing? Right now it seems just a green blinking LED. Cheers

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    See https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Duet3dFilamentMonitor_LaserVersion#Section_Configuring_Filament_Monitoring, and look up the M591 command in the GCodes page in the wiki if you need more detail. After calibration, change S0 to S1 in your M591 line to enable filament monitoring while printing.

  • I read the documentation but where are the sensor parameters displayed? There is no S0 or S1 in the example script?
    I added this from the documentation to the config

    M591 D0 P5 C3 R40:120 E3.0 ; Duet3D laser sensor for extruder drive 0 is connected to endstop input 3 (E0), tolerance 40 to 120%, 3mm comparison length
    M591 D0 ; display filament sensor parameters for extruder drive 0

    Everyone seems to know what to do but I can't figure it out from the documentation.

    How do you check that the sensor angle is reported, to confirm that communication from the filament monitor to the Duet is working?

  • From the documentation...

    "Run M591 D# where # is the extruder number and check that the sensor angle is reported, to confirm that communication from the filament monitor to the Duet is working."

  • @elmoret
    It returns Duet3D laser filament monitor on input 3, disabled, allow 40% to 120%, check every 3.0mm, current pos -0.1, brightness 93, shutter 17, no calibration data.
    How do I enable it?

  • @dc42 ok I ad S0 or S1 so can disable or enable the sensor. Still don't see how anything useful is done with sensor? Should there be a return in the web interphase?

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    If you enable it and then do an SD card print, it will pause the print if it detects an error.

  • @dc42 Thanks. It seems to be working printing is stopped occasionally reporting too little movement of extruder D0 and I have to resume printing manually? When I upload files they are always saved to the sd cards through the web interphase. Do you mean starting the print from there? Don't use the sd card reader on the panel duet.

  • @dc42 The reporting of the parameters is through the console is there a way to get this in the web interphase? It is reporting: Duet3D laser filament monitor on input 3, enabled, allow 40% to 120%, check every 3.0mm, current pos 2.8, brightness 95, shutter 17, measured min 43% avg 92% max 102% over 2269.5mm. Trying to make sense of the output? I integrated the sensor into my print head with the ability to ad different materials as a background to see if I can improve on detecting different materials.

  • @empiricus

    I just posted a comment trying to explain this to a reply you made in another post.


    Let me know if this was helpful or not.

  • @empiricus said in Duet3dFilamentMonitor_LaserVersion:

    M591 D0 P5 C3 R40:120 E3.0

    Hey guys, noobs questions!!
    M591 D0 P5 C3 R40:120 E3.0
    M591 D0
    M591 D1 P5 C3 R40:120 E3.0
    M591 D1
    Is this correct for a dual extruder? If so those it go where in the CONFIG file?

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    The C parameter in M591 is the endstop number that the sensor is connected to. For dual extrusion you need two sensors, connected to different endstop inputs. So the M591 D1 command should use a different endstop input number, for example C4 (= E1 endstop input).

  • @dc42
    Thanks. Using duet maestro. Using the E1 and E0 stops.

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