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  • Hey All,

    Wondering if anyone has an STL of the Axis Compensation tool… I haven't been able to dig one up online.

    My axis are all at right angles, however I'm having trouble getting my X axis completely right to y, due to belt tensions.

    Would like to get it close, and use compensation to make it better...



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  • This has prompted me to ask a question that has popped into my mind once or twice. If one were to have a bed that was not level in say the Y direction and applied bed compensation, (but not orthogonal compensation) is it the case that a printed object would have a top and bottom that was not completely square with the verticals?. Taking an extreme example, if the bed was 10mm lower on the right than on the left, would a printed cube still be a cube or would it look diamond shaped when viewed from the front? Would the verticals be vertical with respect to the frame or with respect to the bed?

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    The verticals would be vertical with respect to the frame. So if you applied just bed compensation and no bed compensation taper, then the print would look diamond shaped. Whereas if you applied bed compensation taper, the bottom face would be tilted but not the top.

  • Thanks for the clarification. That's what I thought would be the case. For the object to be vertical with respect to the bed, the compensation would have to apply a ramping (with respect to Z) Y and/or X offset as well. Tiny differences of course, which in reality aren't worth worrying about - although it's another reason to get the bed as level as possible mechanically.

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