Firmware Install Probs. after Pushing ERASE Button

  • Hallo,
    i have push the Erase Button on the 7" PanelDUE the Board are the Wifi Board 1.04
    I have try the Fallback procedure #3

    1. plug the usb into pc

    2. jumpering the duet3d board (erase jumper)

    3. tap the restet button

    4. open the SAM-BA V2.17 Software

    5. choose the Duet2CombinedFirmware.bin (Release 2.02beta1)

    6. Send the file

    7. Klick Ok for regions

    8. Compare and send file tke a issue
      "Sent file $ Memory area content ("")do not macht !

    i don´t konw wahts going wrong

    can someone help me.


  • administrators

    Why did you Erase the main firmware on the Duet? It's only necessary if updating the Duet firmware the normal way fails and leaves the Duet not working.

    Did you remember to remove the Erase jumper before sending the file? If you leave the Erase jumper in place then programming will fail.

  • So, thx 4 the answer.
    i have fixed the prob. There didn’t was a SD card in the slot. I have copy the file structure on the SS Card and Start the the firmware installation again and it works 🙂

  • administrators

    I'm glad you got it fixed.

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