Homing limit switch selection

  • I am selecting the limit switches to use for a new delta build. In the Omron data sheet http://static6.arrow.com/aropdfconversion/4d781439be3a60fda04bfc7f0af1d48ad2b66919/199en-ss.pdf they talk about micro loads and using the appropriate model for micto loads.
    "Using a model for ordinary loads to open or close the contact of a micro load circuit may result in faulty contact. Use models that operate in the following range. However, even when using micro load models within the following operating range, if inrush current occurs when the contact is opened or closed, it may increase the contact wear and so decrease durability."
    Here is the chart for application of the SS-01:
    alt text
    I am assuming that the duet2 inputs would fall in the range they suggest for the ss-01?
    I know that we hobbyists normally use what is in front of us and it works but I would like to select for the application.

  • Also beyond that there are low force models and I was wondering if that had any effect on a homing limit switch. I wouldn't think so but.....

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    Unfortunately they don't provide any figures for 3.3V. This is odd, because most modern electronics uses 3.3V signal levels.

    The current sourced by the endstop inputs is about 1.5mA.

  • Thanks for the information. Extrapolating (yea I know) the line it appears to fall inside but right at the edge of the area. I don't know if it will make any real world difference but I think I'm going to try the SS-01E which is a low force model.

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