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  • I recently hooked up a new board cooling fan to an always on connection the fan works fine, however shortly after I was getting some messages on my paneldue that something was not getting enough power can't really remember exactly what it said. I turned off printer checked terminal connection and turned back on and now the opposite side of the board where usb and wifi module seem to not be getting power from the mains power checked with mutlimeter. NO wifi on, no paneldue on, no 5v or 3.3v light on, just blue VIN light. Only when I plug into to usb from computer can I get those peripherals to work. However even when I try to move motors they will not move...could this be a fuse issue? the always on fans spin and I can still heat the bed, thermistors are recording data.

    Update: I have been looking at the board and it looks like its actually not getting any of the 12v from power in across the board hence no 5v from VIN the only reason my bed heater works is because it is connected straight to PSU. When using multimeter on the power in block it reads 12v its just not distributing across the board, to motors or the E0 heat.

    Is this board dead?

  • What is the PSU output?

    No 5V could mean a circuit failure.

  • PSU is a 12v

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    There are 3 fuses on the rev 1.04 Duet. The 7.5A fuse feeds the stepper motors, extruder heaters, and the 5V regulator. So I suggest you check that fuse. Also make sure that the VIN terminal block screws are tight.

    PS - I have deleted your duplicate post.

  • My apologies on the duplicate post, I checked the 7.5A fuse on top it looks like it’s reading 12v through it however the 1A fuse next to it is not receiving any voltage, however the fans are getting the 12v to them when checked with multimeter.

  • SOLVED= 7.5A fuse was in fact blown, it has been replaced and everything is back to normal. Thank you for the responses!

  • FWIW, if you're reading 0v across a fuse, it is most likely intact. If you're reading any voltage across a fuse (especially as much as 12 volts), it is blown.

  • @elmoret
    I usually use the continuity test, remove power, place the leads on the fuse, beep! it's good, no beep it dead.

    Of course there are always exception in the case of a short circuit that is bypassing a blown fuse- but it's uncommon.

    Glad to hear this was protected by a fuse!

    Now you aren't done, look over your machine to see if you can find out WHY it blew the fuse in the first place, bare wires, dodgy power supply connections, ect.

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