LED's no longer working

  • Hello All!

    I previously posted regarding a blown fuse, which I finally found time to repair. Previous thread is here:


    Indeed, the 1A fuse was blown, so I replaced it. Upon installing a new fuse and rebooting the printer, it looks like the LED's are under powered or not receiving enough power. Previously the LED's were really bright, however they appear to be very dim.

    Config file is attached as is a photo of the LED's. Any troubleshooting steps would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    Do you know why the 1A fuse blew? The usual cause is a short-circuit in whatever you have connected to a fan output. If it is a controlled (not always-on) fan output, then the fan mosfet is likely to have failed too.

    Is that a 12V LED strip?

  • That is a 12v LED strip -- I believe the fan I previously installed was 24v. When it died, I tried to probe the fan 2 ports to measure voltage and I think I shorted the fuse at that point.

    I put in a 12V fan, tested reinstalled a 1A fuse and the LED's seem to be dim now.

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