Gcode troubleshooting

  • I am in the process of setting up my new printer. Everything seems to work fine from the Web Control as individual items (Heaters, Fans, Motors, Extruder). However, when I go to print it is doing things that I don't understand. I would like to be able to troubleshoot the GCODE. Is there a way to monitor what commands are being sent? I was using Octoprint before and I could see all of the commands being sent. Is there something similar? Is there a way to debug? I tried M111 S1 but didn't get any additional info.

  • @cglass17 you could look at the gcode file you're printing.

    Have you configured your slicer for the printer?

    What exactly is it doing?

    There is an option in the settings tabs for echoing responses from all gcodes received. That might give you what you want.

  • @phaedrux

    I looked for the setting that you referenced but I could not find it on any of the system tabs. I am using Web Interface Version: 1.22.6. Can you point me to where you are seeing that option?

  • Looking at the user interface tab now it looks like it's for pop ups.

    What exactly is the behaviour you're seeing?

  • @phaedrux

    I figured out what the issue was (I think). It at least seems to be working now. I think it was detecting a stall. I turned that feature off for right now until I get it working properly. Then I can swing back and get that working.


  • @cglass17 I would still like to be able to see the Gcode streaming as it is happening if that is possible.

  • administrators

    To see the GCode commands being processed, connect a PC running e.g. YAT or pronterface to the USB port, and send M111 S1 P3.

  • @dc42

    Thank you! I will give that a shot.

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