Y Home Position Value Reversed.

  • This might be a repost or just a dumb question but ive racked my brain.

    I have an Ender 4 (HBot) and when i home the system everything works properly.

    The one odd thing is when its homed it things the front left corner of the printer is X0 and Y220.

    On the old Printer it was X0 and Y0.

    How do i remedy this?

    I want the printer to think of the front left corner is 0 for both X and Y

  • @goplaytetris You told the printer that Y is homed to max Y.

  • Ahh crap i was using Y2 in my M574 command. Changed it to Y1 and now its working.

  • @Stephen6309 actually after changing that it homes correctly but now thinks that its actually in the rear of Y when its at home so it tries to move the print head forward. +Y is moving forward not backward but everything else is working fine.

  • administrators

    Reverse your Y motor direction by changing S1 to S0 or vice versa in your M569 P1 command. If it then homes in the wrong direction, you will need to change your homey.g and homeall.g files to home in the -Y direction instead of +Y.

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