temperature sensor on smart effector board

  • i suggest implementing temperature sensor on smarteffector board not too far from the center

    in case water or air cooling device (fan or pump) fails, and you are not next to the printer (as usual) 🙂 firmware would emergency stop the print if board is over 60 degrees or so.

    without such a sensor and in case of failure smarteffector would be burned and even can start real fire...

    mine fan failed, but thanks to god i was near and noticed strange smell...

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    A nice idea. However, we'd need to replace the 8-pin connector by a 10-pin connector. Then we'd probably need to go for a smaller pitch connector to make room for it - which would mean we need to supply a pre-wired cable, because smaller pitch connectors are harder to crimp.

  • or add extra 2pin connector . red.
    or extend microfit connector that now hosts power for 2 fans and hotend

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    @c310 said in temperature sensor on smart effector board:

    or add extra 2pin connector . red.

    There are already a lot of connectors on the Smart Effector. Adding another one would make to harder to disconnect, and we'd need to find room for it.

    or extend microfit connector that now hosts power for 2 fans and hotend

    We deliberately separate the high voltage (fan/heater) connections from the low voltage (sensor) connections, to reduce the risk of wiring shorts.

  • another option -

    take 2 pins out of 4 from PT100. Now it has 2 pins on the connector (however PT100 connector uses only 2 pins, as well as recommended sensor). 4 wire sensor is way to big to fit into standard hotend AND safety is more than PT1000 🙂

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    There are benefits to using a 4-wire PT100 connection even with a 2-wire sensor. In particular, it stops the resistance of the connector contacts affecting the temperature reading.

    Your suggestion of a separate 2-pin connector would preserve compatibility with the existing product, but a smaller 10-pin connector would be a neater solution.

  • @dc42 is there a plan for next generation of Duet and SmartEffector? 🙂

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