Up Mini 2 - what to use button and LEDs for?

  • So I'm in the progress of converting an Tiertime Up Mini 2 to Duet 2 Maestro, or liberating it I guess we could say.

    Got the motion sorted, waiting for my PT100 board. Loving the resources available for this ecosystem!

    But as the title suggests, the machine as a button on the side, which also have a red and a blue LED. Currently it has the following fuctions:

    • LEDs flash...
    • short press button toggles case LED
    • long press button puts machine to sleep.

    Long press won't be needed as the Duet will not be needing a sleep function. LEDs will stay on, so question is:

    Is there any usefull things these things could be used for? E-stop is the only thing that comes to mind, but I fear its too accessible for that, and would rather add a mushroom style switch for that.

    Worth noting the LCD in front will be a 4.3" Panel Due which fits almost perfectly.


  • You could use the button as an external trigger (M581/M582 on the wiki for documentation of setting up and using triggers), for example for an emergency shutoff button. But that will probably be limited to a single function and not include the LEDs.

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    Pause button, perhaps?

  • Pause while printing makes more sense than e-stop given less consequence if accidentally activeated; I guess I'll get more a feel for what the Due Panel doesn't do for me once I've used it for a while.

    But all in all I think whatever the button can do, the panel can also do, just wondering if people actually have physical buttons besides e-stop, and what the use case is.

  • The e-stop idea was exactly for the cases where I wouldn't want to deal with the iffiness of a touch screen where the e-stop might or might not be visible (I don't have a PanelDue so I don't know if it does, I'd expect it though). But a pause button is a decent alternative IMHO.

  • I think I'll add something that looks like an e-stop instead of using the inconspicuous switch on the side; or if e-stop is something one could resume from if accidentally triggered thats not the end of the world after all - but I feel e-stop should look like e-stop.

    I guess there is also the reed or hall sensor in the front door that could be a pause button. Still lots to figure out, love it!

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