Printer tuning - what to check and what order

  • I've been away from printing for quite a while and I'm relatively rusty when it comes to printer tuning etc.
    I've recently purchased an anycubic kossel like ear plus and have converted it over to a duet Ethernet. I can print and the quality is similar to what I was getting with the old controller.
    I now want to go through tweaking each part of the printer.
    Does anyone have any recommendations as to what to tweak and in what order?

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    My suggestions:

    • Delta at calibration is important, if you haven't already done it.
    • Extruder steps/mm calibration, unless you know the exact value from using your previous firmware.
    • Temperature tests. Different firmwares handle thermistors in different ways, so the actual temperature for a given set temperature may be a few degrees different.
    • For Bowden systems especially, pressure advance helps with print quality.
    • When you've done everything else, if you want to print really fast, you may wish to calibrate nonlinear extrusion.

  • Great, thanks

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