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  • I have dual independent leadscrews and use G32 to level the tilt of the bed. I have the M584 command in config.g and have the relevant settings in my bed.g. The process works great.
    I was wondering if I can also set up manual bed levelling in bed.g for the adjustment of my bed screws. I see that this also requires a M584 command for the positions of the screws and relevant settings in bed.g but is activated by G30. Would this be possible or can you only configure for one or the other?

  • @chas2706 You can use and run a macro to do that. G32 only runs bed.g

  • Ok thank you for that. Will look into it.

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    If the number of leadscrew locations specified in M671 matches the number of Z motors assigned by M584, and that in turn matches the S parameter on the final G30 command, then it will do leadscrew levelling. Otherwise, if that S parameter matches the number of coordinates given by M671, it will suggest manual corrections. So I suggest this:

    • If you currently have the M671 command in config.g, move it to the start of bed.g
    • Copy the contents of bed.g to your macro. In it, change the M671 coordinates to be those of the levelling screws. I presume you have either 3 or 4 of them.
    • Change the G30 commands in the macro to probe at least close to each levelling screw, and change the S parameter on the final G30 command to match the number of levelling screws.

    Obviously you should make sure that the leadscrews hold the two ends of the X axis at the same height before you do manual bed level adjustment. You don't want to have a skewed X axis and then compensate for it by tilting the bed.

  • Cheers for that info. I will give it a try when I get chance.

  • Will the manual bed levelling assistant work if you have 6 bed screws?

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    @chas2706 said in Bed Levelling:

    Will the manual bed levelling assistant work if you have 6 bed screws?

    No, the code supports only 2, 3 or 4. You could use it to level 4 of them (e.g. at the corners) and then adjust the other 2 to get the same height near them. But it would be better to make sure that the bed is rigid enough to need only 3 screws.

  • Ok, thanks for the info.

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