Why are my print times so different when using Simplify3D?

  • I generate a part file in Simplify3D, it tells me it will take 71 hours to complete print. When printing is completed, actual print time is 123 hours on my DUET3D WiFi panel. I can't figure out why the major time difference. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    @billsrf usually the slicer doesn't take into account the actual acceleration, jerk, and retraction. On a short print outs barely noticeable, but on a multi day print the discrepancy adds up.

    For such a long print your best bet is to run a simulation print first if you really must know an accurate estimate. For such a long print this will take some time as well but at least you'll know.

    After a few example print you can usually figure out how to scale the estimates so they match reality.

  • You can try this website: http://www.gcodeanalyser.com/

    You can input accel values, etc. Might give a better estimate.

  • Thank you, I will give those a try

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    You can use Duet Web Control or PanelDue to simulate printing a file, which will give you an accurate print time. In Duet Web Control, Go to the GCode Files page (or GCode Jobs if you are using DWC 2.0beta), right click on the file you want, and click Simulate. When the simulation completes it will tell you how long it will take to print. It also writes the simulated time to the end of the file so that it can be retrieved later.

    PanelDue and DWC 2.0beta display the simulated print time as part of the file properties. DWC2.0 beta also uses the simulated time to give you an estimated print completion time when you come to print the file.

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