Utilize unused I/O pins to jog CNC-spindel

  • I am using Duet 3D Ethernet 1.04 in combination with DWC to control my CNC-mill. During jogging to zero-position of workpiece with the spindle I have to keep focus on not moving to far and crash by clicking the wrong jog button in DWC and the tool position of the mill at the same time.

    Thus i would appreciate a solution to jog my CNC-mill via unused I/O-pins. Axis should move as long as the input is triggered. Parameters should be : I/O-pin, axis to operate, direction of rotation and feed rate.

    Are other solutions like jog-wheel under development?


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    Yes there is a solution being developed.

    If you want to build something yourself, the simplest approach is probably to take a 3.3V Arduino, connect the jog switches to it, and have it send GCode commands through the PanelDue port.

  • Idea: does DWC support arrow key inputs yet? javascript can do that really easily.

    it should be trivial to have a modal jogging dialog that can detect arrow key presses, and buy one of these

    alt text

    idea 2:

    If you want a really cheap solution right now, use https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Gcode#Section_M581_Configure_external_trigger

    It only detects edges (presses, not holding) but that means you can get really clever, wire your buttons not to ground, but take an unused PWM pin, generate 50% duty cycle on the PWM pin.

    This means while your button is held down, there will be repeated edges to trigger the macro files in your firmware. Your macro files will just have G0 or G1 moves that are really short distances

  • Thanks for your reply's.
    @frank26080115 Modifying java script would be one solution. I did some modification on DWC1 but it was hard for me because I am not familiar with that huge project. I run DWC on an PC and a keyboard is available.
    @dc42 I will check effort to realize your "Arduino" solution. But I prefer standard instead of special solution. If there is something coming up I will be patient and give it a try.


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