delta mesh bed leveling

  • I've only ever been able to get 3 successful small prints out of my machine because of the bed level. That's why I decided to upgrade to the duet 2 wifi and get the smart effector. Now I've gotten autocalibration and mesh leveling going, but I'm not sure if what I'm seeing is correct or symptoms of some other issue.

    Here is the results from mesh bed leveling
    it has all these zig zag patterns on the bed.

    I still can't get anything to print. after mesh leveling I try to print and some places it sticks well, some places it's too far away, some places too close.

  • That pattern would indicate some sort of backlash in your motion system. So it's applying corrections that aren't actually there.

  • @sirus20x6

    As @Phaedrux mentioned, that pattern appears to be backlash...

    To explain a bit more: If you watch the printer while it's doing the mesh thing, you'll see it moves all along the X axis (left/right) in one direction, then moves back in Y (front/back) and then all along the X axis (left/right) again (but in the opposite direction.) Compare that motion to the image you posted, and you'll notice that all the left to right motions are at one height on the image and all the right to left motions are at a different height. That suggests that the nozzle is at different height depending on the left or right motion... The cause for that in a delta is usually that something isn't moving quite correctly on one of the towers. It might be a belt, a carriage, etc.

    Search this forum for "delta backlash" and you might find some useful suggestions. Here's one thread (that I have bookmarked for some reason) to get started:

  • Thanks for the tips! i found two loose screws!


    first print. a cooling fan!

    having trouble printing the adapter though because the screw holes fill in. might have to just drill it out and put the cooling fan on and print a second version

  • @sirus20x6
    I'm glad that things worked out. For the benefit of others who might search and find this thread, can you please describe what screws you found that were loose (on a carriage? wheels?) and perhaps upload a picture of the area with the loose screws?

    While the next person might not have exactly the same issue, it can give them an idea what to look for.

  • @garyd9 Yes I can and good thinking!\

    there was one screw, actually it was a nut, that was pretty lose on the mag balls on the carriage side. the pcb shim can sometimes have a bit of friction on it that can mask the fact that they are loose. after find that out I double checked all the mag ball nuts and found another one that was just a little bit loose

  • I had the same problem on my delta as well, and the cause was two slightly loose nuts on one of the mag ball holders which unscrewed themselves after a few prints. I recently rebuilt my printer, and opted for nylock nuts for all screws on all moving parts which has higher friction and harder to unscrew themselves. I can highly recommend it 🙂

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