"PanelDue Request": M291 x&y jogmenue (like in webinterface)

  • Hi,
    would be so cool to be able to jog within some macros & onscreen-menues on a cartesian buildup combined x&y (I know this is for lazy people, because you could jog to your desired position BEFORE calling a macro, but that request is only partly for me but also for somebody else 🙂 )
    It already works on the web as I learned and can confirm, as discussed in another post... just reposting as official request here... 🙂
    M291 P"text" S3 X1:Y1
    AND I can imagine this is easier for the larger screens but might be more difficult on the smaller screens...

  • administrators

    Added to the work list!

  • @dc42
    (And as already written somewhere for DWC, here for the PanelDue, for Z, could the up&down arrows be changed to "|> -z <| " and "|< +z >|" because in my setup with a "ultimaker-style-gantry" the "up-arrow" equals to "plate-down" and vice versa and that is risky to one day sooner or later doing it wrong...)
    Edit: And same is with babysteps

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