Firmware Modification ROM file size exceeded

  • Hi everyone, I have a duet3d 7i LCD screen, I want to modify the UI for our new 3d we decided to use our own custom icons. while converting the BMP icons to c array, we getting uint16_t format with "bmp2c.exe" converter. so we tried with so other software but those array images are not displaying properly.

    uint16_t array icons are working fine but when we putting more icon arrays in the project, the build size is exceeding.

    if uint8_t is supporting in duet3d 7i, how could I generate uint8_t image array?

    NB: our images having black and white colors only.
    NB: array format used -
    extern const uint8_t test[] = { 60, 60,
    0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xf...............}
    NB: uint16_t working fine .

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    The bmp2c program needs to be updated to generate uint8_t values from a 256-colour image. We originally used uint16_t values representing the RGB values in 5-6-5 format. Then I accepted a pull request to use 8-bit values and a pallette instead. But bmp2c was not updated.

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