IR probe values wrong (SOLVED)

  • Hi all, I've got weird issue I dunno what to do about. I just cleaned up the wiring on my new printer, but now DC42's IR sensor is giving strange values. It hovers around 130 and drops to 90-ish when triggered. The light blinks 4 times on boot as expected.

    Any thoughts?


  • Sorry for the bump, but I've been farting around with it over the weekend. Mostly, what should the duet WiFi show when there is no z-probe plugged in? It's hovering around 250 which seems off for something that isn't plugged in.

    Anyway thanks again,

  • Quick reply for the next person who searches

    So I figured out I had too many connectors between the probe and the board... probably too much resistance? Anyway a direct connection fixed the problem. Working probe > nice wires any day.


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    @planeguy, I'm glad you solved it.

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