Panel Due i5 (SD Card & Print Options)

  • Just received my Panel Due i5 and connected it to my DUET 2 Maestro. On the panel Due i5 Screen it reflects an SD Card which has no content, i am assuming this is for the on board SD Card Slot not the one on the Maestro correct? Is there a way from the Panel Due i5 to begin a Print Session and or select the applicable g-code to print?

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    By default, PanelDuet should list the GCode files on the SD card in the Duet. Occasionally it may take a few seconds to retrieve the list, or it may fail first time. There is an icon at the top left of the files list screen to select which card to list.

  • I will check on that Thank You. now I have another question i hope you can help with. When I conncet my Panel Due 5i up via a USB Power and not have the Printer on all seems good. However when I let my Printer (Ender 3 with DUET 2 Maestro) power it the touchscreen goes non-functional, i have restarted the printer numerous time and a couple times the panel responds to touch but for the most part it doesnt. Again if powered by external 5 volt USB Source only all is good. Is there something I can check in order to resolve this issue?

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    @bfpa40, I've not heard of anyone having that issue before.

    Is the brightness of the screen normal when you power the PanelDue from the Maestro? Are you using the ribbon cable or the 4-wire cable between the PanelDue and the Maestro?

    It sounds to me that there might be a problem with the 5V power feed from the Maestro to the PanelDue.

  • Which cable should i use between the Maestro and the Due?

  • @bfpa40 this one


    This is for power and data from the Duet. You should have received it with the PanelDue. The other ribbon cable is for using the SD card on the PanelDue.

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    Or you can use just the ribbon cable. You don't need to use both at once.

  • @dc42 said in Panel Due i5 (SD Card & Print Options):

    Or you can use just the ribbon cable. You don't need to use both at once.

    Huh I didn’t realise that.

  • I had both plugged in. I unhooked the ribbon cable and tried and in doing so thw magic smoke came off my board (DUET 2 Maestro nd now the Panel Due doesnt come on at all. I am pretty sure i just pissed away the money i spent on the maestro. I will have to further troubleshoot this after i get back from the VA (Colonoscopy) today. Its just started as a great day. YAY!

  • OK i have no display on my Panel Due 5i now but i think that is because i smoked my Maestro Board. Is there a way I can test just the Panel Due Stand Alone to prove its OK?

  • Just disconnect it from duet and connect to USB. It should boot up and show you usual screens.

  • OK It boots up via USB so I can assume no damage to it, just the Maestro

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