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  • Hi,

    was to ask what scripts, you have in your slicers, especially the ending scripts ....


    I usually print in ABS, for its aftertreatment with acetone, but now I am testing with PLA, it is supposed to be good material for small details.
    Since I print with PLA, the printing process goes well, temperatures (210/65). The problem comes when I finish, I try another impression ... NO filament is loaded, after disassembling, and clean, it seems that the problem is that I have a finalization script that retracts the filament, but, I deduce, as this is still hot, at some point part in the Throat, causing the jam, why I have to disassemble and clean ... as you know, a pain in the ass ...

    After all this ... the question.

    This is my ending script (When I used it with ABS it worked fine)

     ; Retract the filament
     G92 E1
     G1 E-200 F300
     M104 S0; Turn off bed
     M140 S0; Turn off nozzle
     G28 X0 Y0

    What do you use ... I had thought, make the temperature of the extruder go down to .... (180?) And then I picked up the filament, so that it would not be so soft when it pulls ... but I do not know if it's the more suitable temperature to pull the filament ....

    What ending scripts do you use?
    What would be a suitable temperature to pull the filameto? (very hot, it seems that part, but very cold can stay attached to the nozzle

    Thank you

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  • Its been a while since I used PLA but don't recall having such problems.

    Maybe you need to look at it from the other end, give the hotend enough time to melt the same amount of plastic that was melted before?

    This may suggest you have problems with heat creep causing your melt zone to be larger than you want?

  • @peirof I'm not surprised you have problems. At the end of a print you have a hot end full of molten filament which you then pull back out through the heat break and heat sink where it will solidify. Don't do that.

  • Ok...

    I don't retract filament. No?

  • @peirof Why would you want to unload all the filament at the end of a print? I guess if you always alternated between PLA and ABS than there might be a valid case. But if there is any possibility that you would print two objects with the same filament, then there is no point in unloading all of the filament at the end of a print. By all means retract say 2 or 3 mm which might help with any oozing as the nozzle warms up for the next print, but don't retract any more than that because the molten filament will solidify above the heat break and cause the blockages that you are getting.

    Use a separate macro to unload the filament which you can run at any time. If you aren't going to load new filament at the same time, use the "cold pull" technique (look it up on Google).

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    @peirof said in Ending script recommendation:


    I don't retract filament. No?

    Just a little bit - for example, the same amount that you retract before travel moves. If you do want to retract all the filament, then retract the first 20mm or so very slowly.

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