Panel Due request

  • Can we please have the current co-ordinates shown on the "Move" page

    There is plenty of room on the screen

  • This has been requested multiple times - and it's not that easy...
    In the most common case with only 3 axis there is room available, thats why I created a pull request for it:
    But some printers use more axis - which makes the display layout a bit more difficult.

  • I second this request. I noticed that the "Move Head" screen overlays the "control" screen where the coordinates are normally shown. Maybe the "Move Head" screen could just be made shorter vertically so it doesn't cover the coordinate display on the "control" screen. Or is that height needed in case the printer has more than 3 axes?

  • administrators

    This is already in the latest PanelDue firmware. The current position is shown on the Move popup if you have no more than 3 axes on the 4.3" screen and no more than 5 axes on the 5" or 7" screen.

  • Doh! I updated firmware about a month ago, missed the new release. Thanks!

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