SOLVED: 7i - Touch Registering Incorrectly Near Center

  • Just purchased a PanelDue 7i from the folks at filastruder...seems to be a great bunch over there btw, very friendly and responsive.

    Back on topic...Have the screen running the latest firmware with a splash screen I made. Got it up and running everything appears to be functioning as it should. I have one issue and it is when you ask for input near the center of the touchscreen, it thinks I am inputting on another section of the screen in the center. When applying a little more pressure, the correct input is registered but also along with the other area on the center of the screen.

    I have not looked at anything as of yet, figured I would get some of your input.

    See the video link

    SOLVED: @dc42 The Case was on too tight...and using my fingernail it has been corrected. Cheers!

  • Two things:

    It's a resistive touch panel, not capacitive, and prefers a sharp contact- use your fingernail, not the pad of your finger to make selections.

    There is a calibration routine on one of the menus. Try it out, using your fingernail to touch the test locations.

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    Three things:

    1. Use the tip of your fingernail, not the pad of your finger, as @mrehorstdmd suggested.

    2. Make sure that the enclosure isn't pressing against the edges of the front of the touch screen.

    3. If it's inaccurate at the edges, run the "Touch the spot" calibration form the Setup menu again.

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