BLTouch fails when the bed is close to the hot end.

  • It goes like this, I turn on the printer, the bed happened to be very close to the hot end (e.g. 1mm). The BLTouch power up, does the three clicks self test, hits the bed, and enter permanent (?) fail mode blinking red.

    Is there a good way to avoid it or to recover?

    (I initiate homing which cause the bed to drop 5mm and then power cycle the printer but this is ugly. I don't know if the BLTouch support a specific pulse width that causes it to reset and self test again).

    This is on a corexy, duet wifi, configuration from Reprap configurator.

  • M280 P3 S160 I1 should clear the alarm and raise the pin. (substitute P3 for whatever servo channel you're using, an remove the I1 if you're using a Duex)

    Raising the BLTouch above the bed enough after homing should be enough to keep it out of the way at the next power up, no?

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