How to level the four screws of the bed?

  • This is for a corexy with BLTouch. The bed is attached with 4 height adjustable screws. I can run the duet automatic calibration test and see the height surface graph (Automatic Calibration Results) but am not sure how to set the 4 screws to be of same height.

    Should I issue gcode commands to bring the head to the four screw points and use paper between the bed and the hotend? Any way to take advantage of the BLTouch?

  • Thanks Pahedrux. I followed the procedure you linked and now when I run G32 it probes 4 points near the 4 screws and suggests adjustments. Neat!

    I have two followup questions if you don't mind

    1. My understanding is that bed.g is used for two purposes, for bed compensation (for which I want to probe a dense grid) and for leveling assistant (for which I want to probe only 4 points). Is it so? What is a good way to handle the two use cases?

    2. Now that the bed is leveled using the leveling assistant. How do I make it getting closer or further from the hotend as I would do with paper on a regular

  • G32 just calls the bed.g macro, and you can use it to do a few different things.

    It can also do independent leveling of multiple lead screws if you have 1 z motor per lead screw.

    In your case I would leave it doing the manual bed leveling assistant to get the bed level and then use G29 for mesh grid compensation where it maps out the height of many points on the bed surface and adjusts the nozzle height on the fly to keep the layer even.

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