Reprap Configurator wishlist: more detailed BlTouch support

  • (I don't know where this belongs so posting in General Discussion)

    Please extend the support for Z homing and BlTouch in the RepRap configurator:

    1. Add dual speed homing as currently supported for X,Y. That is, being able to specify two speeds, one for first pass (fast) and one for second pass (accurate).

    2. Please add support for multiple probings and for probing Z tolerance.

    These two will allow the configurator to generate code like this (from Pahedrux@):

    ; Probe the bed
    M558 A1 F400 ; Set single probing at faster feed rate
    G30 ; Do a single probe to quickly home Z axis
    M558 A10 F100	 ; Set multi probing at slower feed rate
    G30 ; Probe again to get a more accurate position

    Motivation: the current options are either wait for Z traveling 300mm at 2mm/s or stop using the configurator and edit the config files manually.

    Discussion here:

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