PanelDue No Responding with Duet3D WiFi

  • Hallo,
    my PanelDue 7" V3 are do not Respond or Connetcted with the Duet3D WiFi Board.
    I cann´t see the Duet3D Config on the Screen (i have 2 Extruder but i can see only one) and i have no Temp. of the Connetced Items on the Display
    If i write G Codes over the PanelDue Screen but the Duet3D Board nocht Responds (no Reaktion).

    I have the PanelDue Connected over the 4pin cable
    and i have try over the expansion port on the Duet3D board.

    PanelDue-v3-7.0-nologo.bin Firmware on PanelDue
    Release 2.03beta2 Firmware on Duet3D


    How i can fix this issue

  • 0_1553002875281_due2.jpg

  • administrators

    The connections in your second photo look correct to me. Are the PanelDue and the Duet both set to the same baud rate? The default is 57600. For PanelDue it is selected on the Setup page. On the Duet it is set in the M575 command in config.g.

  • THX, the Boudrate was wrong 🙂 adjusted

    now it´s works perfekt

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