Duet Wifi, 7in tft and a 300 x 300 x 400mm build area + CNC Spindle

  • Hello everyone.

    I wanted to provide a write-up for my current build. This build is going to end up being a larger conversion of my FolgerTech FT-5 into a hot swappable system with my e3d v6 hotend and a 400 watt 12000rpm CNC spindle. This is at its beginning stages so far. I have been not able to print with this machine for over a month and I am glad to see it finally back in motion.

    The Enclosure is fairly new and finally got to use it last night. it is made from 1/8" Lexan and and proving to help with print stick to the bed which is a major plus. Last night ended up printing a lot of petg on glass without any adhesion on the build plate.

    I still have some motor dampeners to mount on all the motors but I will be installing these after I get some more of my design done. I also have some backlash nuts for my build plate when I find the time.


    So I will be going forth with redesigning a few key aspects to this printer. The first will to redesign some of the mounting for the idler pulleys for the Y-Axis using some F623ZZ bearings paired instead of geared pulleys. This should rid of some tension on one side of the GT2 timing belt and ultimately get rid of some of the slack when changing directions (if there is any).

    Next will be a redesign of the gantry and drive system on the X-Axis beam. It is currently using a geared idler pulley and simple system (see photos). This will be revised to help stabilize the gantry by taking the linear rail and placing it on the lower portion of the X-Axis extrusion and the top will now be supported with a set of delrin wheels. The belt will then be fed through the delrin wheels and ride inside the top groove of the extrusion to hide the belt. I have attached some simple models I have that are not finished. Hopefully they will provide a good enough illustration to get my point across. I will keep updating this thread through out my build.

    Things I am currently working on is to get my bed level config down so I can do bed leveling. Currently it is pretty rough with the gantry wanting to drive off past the endstop which results in me shutting down the machine.

    Link to my setup and renders. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bxi0uBhn1toSREdua3M4NlhPRlk


  • So some more updates. (Check pictures in Google drive link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bxi0u … 3M4NlhPRlk

    ended up getting some new linear rails from Igus. Hopefully they will be good enough to make some accurate prints. I also received some chainflex cabling and and way too large cable chain from them. Hopefully I can get this all sorted with them.

    To add to the linear rails, I had our Objet printer at work print off some brackets and a stepper motor mount for the x-axis.

    More progress to come 🙂

  • Wow, those Objet prints looks amazing.

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