External Trigger for syncing other devices.

  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to use Duet3d ethernet to build a 3D scanner. In order to do that I must be able to scan (receive data) after each move. Is there any way that I can send a trigger signal from duet board to my scope? I just need to know that one step is executed and the system is ready to receive data.

  • If you have control of the Gcode, I might be tempted to use a heater. Set up the Gcode to do a move command, then turn (for example) the E1 heater) on and back off again

    Your other control reads 0V on the heater - takes its reading, then sends Gcode to move, turn the heater back on. Rinse and repeat.

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    One of our OEMs is already using a scanner with Duet. I don't know the details, except that it uses a Raspberry Pi to do the scan, communicating with the Duet over USB. RRF supports GCodes M750 thru M756 for this purpose.

  • Maybe using I²C, with a circuit, like PCF8574/74A?

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