How much probe points is too much?

  • My current HEVO has a 500 x 500 mm bed. Right now I'm using a 6 x 6 grid for 36 points, but due to using smooth rods (12mm for all axis) it still has a slight shift. 6 x 6 works but there are small areas where it gets a little too close to the bed that it curls a little, still sticks but doesn't make a pretty first layer. I'm thinking of 7 x 7 but would that be overkill? Using precision piezo Orion so would that much probing shorten the lifespan of the nozzle (I do plan on buying e3d's new nozzle X or tungsten carbie nozzles which are much harder and tougher)? Thanks.

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    I used the max possible. It was slow but produced very good results. My probe uses a micro-switch so no issue with problems with the nozzle.

    Try it yourself and compare the results against what you do now - nothing to lose but time.


  • measure the repeatability of your probe and increase the speed of probing to see when it becomes inaccurate

    currently the max probe points are 441

    also you can save the probed map and load it instead of probing each time.

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    I use the max probe points as well since the bed is quite stable I only have to do it very rarely, which is good because it takes about 45 minutes to probe the 300x300 bed.

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