Extruder skipping steps, unsure as to why.

  • So I tried doing another print on my machine today and all of a sudden I am having issues with the extruder skipping steps. It is a flexion extruder with a beefy nema17 attached to it. I didn't have issues with it before. I though it might be the nozzle getting clogged, because when I manually tell it to extrude it will extrude the first 10mm or so fine, and then slow down and start skipping. So I took the nozzle out and changed it around. Still have the same issue. I'm wondering if it could possibly be that it's not getting hot enough? I'm using TPU filament as well, so it might possibly be binding, but I did a print just a few days ago and had no issue with it. I'm going to pull the extruder and hotend apart again, unless anybody has an idea about a software issue that might be causing this.


  • Nevermind, I am an idiot. I had first layer extrusion width set to 1000% instead of 100%.

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