Soldered copper wire on new duet board ?

  • I have opened up my new duet wifi board today for my next project,

    I had purchased this a month or so ago.

    Upon opening the duet Board I noticed a copper wire soldered from the SD card terminal to the wifi module. I looked at pictures online and could not find such a copper wire. It stands out immediately, as the soldering has left a small blob.

    I am assuming that this was done last minute to fix an issue and get it working, but nevertheless I want make sure whether its okay to power it on.

    Also this is a 100% original board that I have bought from E3D website, and I pay for this board because of its high quality standard and superior capabilities. I wish to get a fully functional, well manufactured board and not one that is put together at the last minute.

    I have uploaded an image of the board.



  • @dc42

    Could you let me know if its okay , to run the board in current state ?

  • administrators

    That wire on the 1.04a boards is intentional.

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