pre.g/post.g on standby

  • Good day!
    I started using post.g macro for tools, because Cura 4 does not generate the correct code when choosing a tool (I hope this will be corrected).
    During printing, macros work correctly and as expected.
    But I found that macros work out and when the printer does not print. It was very unexpected, and it is good that nothing broke and the hand did not fall under the head moving with great speed into the place of cleaning.
    Do macros pre.g and post.g really need to work at rest?
    Is it possible to disable it somehow?

  • administrators

    The macros will be run whenever you send a T command, unless either the command does not results in a change of tool, or you use the P parameter to specify that you don't want some or all of the tool change macros to be run. They will also be run if you send a M109 command that causes an implicit tool change.

  • Ok, thank you!

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