Maestro Ethernet issues.

  • Hi
    Really struggling with the Maestro board.
    The ethernet is 'Online' etc but will only connect to my cisco switch intermitantly.
    the switchport / cable are all known working, but the maestro has no ethernet activity on it LAN port.
    If I plug the cable from the maestro to my computer it works.
    I now have it plugged into a Sonos device and it is working.
    Never had an issue like this unless the cable / switch port is damaged.
    What makes the Maestro so different to a Pi?

    Help would be appreciated or an undersstanding of the network limitations of the Maestro


  • For a living I am a Network Specialist, so switches and networks are my living.
    Every single port on this swtich works, all 10 of them. Just checked them all.
    Drop the port speed to 100 and was able to connect.
    Powered off Maestro for 5 mins powered on again and will not connect again.

    I only have the follwing connections.
    12v power, USB and ethernet.

    Switch is a Cisco SG300-10P in switch mode, not router mode.

    I have not started to try and get it installed yet in the printer.


  • you should not connect usb and power at the same time. see

  • @veti simply having 12v power on the board with USB does not mean there is a ground loop. The VIN- terminal on the duet would need to be connected to earth ground via the mains wiring/PSU, and the USB cable must be attached to a PC plugged into mains with the USB ground intact.

    It's certainly possible that there is a ground loop, but it's also possible that there isn't.

    Also, it doesn't seem likely to me that a ground loop would cause intermittent network connectivity.

  • @veti Thanks for the info.
    I understand what you are saying but i did see that some USB ports do not supply enough power on the Duet website, hence the 12v
    The supplier even suggested it also.


  • unplug the usb and see if there is a ethernet connection

  • administrators

    @PaulHew, further to our private communication on this topic, I am happy to approve a warranty replacement for your Maestro.

  • @dc42 Thank you for your help last week, it was greatly apreciated.
    I received my replacement board today from, plugged it in to my Cisco network and powered up with a USB cable and all is working.
    Changed the ip address from its default and can communicate with it.
    Just need to do the reprap config.
    Again, thank you DC and Ryan @ Oozenest, superb support and customer service.


  • administrators

    @PaulHew, I'm sorry you received a faulty Duet, and I'm glad it's resolved now. My guess is that either the signal levels or the timing on the Ethernet interface were slightly out of tolerance, so that it worked with some other Ethernet devices (e.g. your laptop, and the test rig that our supplier uses), but not with others (e.g. your routers).

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