Duet CoreXY - Energize one stepper and move the other?

  • Looking at the Duet GCode specification, it does allows individual motor control for Delta and CoreXY steppers (good).

    is there a GCode sequence that will move one CoreXY stepper while keeping the other motor non energized? (that is, no hold current)

    I tried a few sequences but it seems that moving one motor also energizes the other one.

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    On a CoreXY machine, if you move the X or the Y motor then nor mally you want the other one to be energised so that it holds position. So that is what the firmware does. I can't remember whether that applies to G1 S2 moves as well as to regular moves.

  • Yes, that's what I observed with this code:

    M84 Y           ; de-energize Y motor (CoreXY X-Y)
    G1 X10 S2    ; move X motor (CoreXY X+Y), leaving Y motor non energized.

    The G1 reenergizes the Y motor. I wanted to try the CoreXY homing of leaving one motor non energized and letting the otherwise turn until it stall s at the corner.

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