Backup Configuration ?

  • Hello everyone !

    I am trying to save (if it is possible) all of my configuration as a file or other from the Duet Web Control ... I work directly from the Duet Web Control to set my printer. I would like to save my work together in case of trouble, but I do not see how 🤔 ! Thank you in advance ...

    Bonjour à tous !

    Je cherche à sauvegarder (si cela est possible) l’ensemble de ma configuration sous forme de fichier ou autre à partir du Duet Web Control... Je travaille directement à partir du Duet Web Control pour paramétrer mon imprimante. J’aimerais sauvegarder ensemble de mon travail en cas de souci, mais je ne vois pas comment faire ! Merci à vous d’avance...

  • @rudy2a Personally I would never, ever, rely on an SD card for anything other than temporary storage. Therefore, I always keep and maintain all my printer related files on a PC. This folder is mirrored to both a local NAS and cloud storage. So I keep a folder on my PC which is the same as the root of my SD card and only ever upload files from that folder to the card. Any changes I make to configuration files, I make on the PC then upload them to the SD card.

  • Thanks deckingman for your advice

    This is exactly what I want to do since I do not like working with RRF configuration tool.

    I'm looking for, but I can not find how to extract my configuration to save ... I'm working on the configuration of my printer since this morning 9H and I guess I do not have eyes in front of the holes! How do you extract the configuration file ?

    Sorry if I'm heavy 😴 !

    Merci deckingman pour vos conseils

    C'est exactement ce que je veux faire car je n'aime pas travailler avec l'outil de configuration RRF.

    Je cherche, mais je ne trouve pas comment extraire ma configuration pour sauvegarder ... Je travaille sur la configuration de mon imprimante depuis ce matin 9H et je suppose que je n'ai pas les yeux devant les trous! Comment extrayez-vous le fichier de configuration?

    Désolé si je suis lourd!

  • 0_1554010611012_dwc_backup.jpg

  • @rudy2a As post above. Or what I do is simply remove the SD card, place it in a card reader and copy the contents.

  • @deckingman Perfect !
    Thank you.

    Parfait !


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