Required offset in x and y not equal?

  • Hi,

    Got an issue where I have a gap between the perimeters and infill when the perimiter is parrallel to the x axis of my ormerod but fine on the gap to the perimeter when parrallel to the y axis.

    Any idea what could be up? Axis of nozzle not quite parallel to the bed normal/z axis?

  • Should add that the infill pattern is 45 degree with rotation on alternate layers.

    Filament diameter (volumetric extrusion) tuned so walls are correct size by a micrometer when extrusion multiplier is 1. For the prints the extrusion multiplier is 0.95, which is the lowest without a number of gaps appearing in the print. Pressure advance is off. Material is PLA at 200C which just began to get a shiney finish on a temp tower. E-steps set up without hotend, then non linear extrusion set up (and tested) to correct extrusion at upto 10mm3/sec when extruding into free space.

  • What Slicer are you using?

  • Development version of Slic3r.

  • I have noticed this same issue and worked to find out why. I ended up trying other slicers and problem was not happening with either of the other slicers.

    I like Kisslicer but I get the gap in one axis and not the other, but my parts are dimensionally very accurate. ( I shouldn't say "axis" because it is at one end of a 45 degree infill, no matter how I rotate the part.)

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