Resurrect goes missing

  • I have a RMXv4 delta printer, and have seen the resurrect prologue on the SD card before.

    Was going to test it today, and there are no resurrect files anywhere on the card.

    I can reinstall it easy enough, but I know what's going to happen, when I need it, it will have disappeared.

    The printer company said printers go out with the file on the SD card.

    I visited this issue when I had a power outage, and no files on the printers SD card on my other printer (RMX3.2)

    What would make it disappear?

  • administrators

    The resurrect-prologue file is one that you have to create yourself (except perhaps if you buy the Duet as part of a printer kit and the supplier includes it), because its contents are highly dependent on your printer. The resurrect.g file is created when a print is paused for any reason, and deleted when a print finishes normally. See

  • ok, thank you for the post, I'll just try it during a print, and see if the file generates

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