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    I understand the firmware can operate a corexyu configuration. Is it set up with 3 steppers like this picture? 0_1554221329554_CoreXYU.png

    So the extra stepper is linked to the U axis or does it require 4 steppers?

    If it is just three then all I have to do is map the additional stepper driver to my u axis? That doesn't sound to bad....

    I'm not sure why but I want to tackle building one of these type printers. I already have a large IDEX printer and I just wrapped up building a smaller corexy printer. I guess I'm looking for a new challenge.

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    CoreXYU uses 4 stepper motors. What you illustrate is a CoreXY + an additional axis using MarkForged kinematics. I don't think anyone else is using that, but Firmware 2.02 supports any kinematics in which each axis movement is a linear combination of motor movements. So it's supported. You will need to specify the movement matrix in the M669 command in config.g.

  • Thank you @dc42.

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